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Rob & Jim, two podcast amateurs, come into possession of a mysterious box of old VHS tapes. Having basically nothing better to do, they decide to watch every single tape in random order and then review them for the internet.
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Jul 12, 2017

Rob provides a brief update from the field, complaining about the heat and laughing at road signs. This is the content we crave.

Jun 14, 2017

In 1988, sci-fi author David Langford posited the idea of a 'basilisk' - an image that crashes the human brain by triggering impossible thoughts. The concept has since been developed further, sometimes including audio in addition to visuals (like in Snow Crash), but for the most part these basilisks are depicted as fractals or other computer-generated imagery. Rob & Jim come to you today with a terrible discovery: the Langford Basilisk is real, and it is Timefighters in the Land of Fantasy. Topics discussed as our synapses break down include bird underwear, surprise fursuits, and the secret altruism of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

NEXT TIME: There's no escape from the '70s! Save yourselves!

May 24, 2017

Having finally escaped the Earth, Rob & Jim are dismayed to discover that even space has been corrupted by capitalism! Forced to make ends meet, they begin new careers as Space Truckers, hauling cargo improbable distances for garbage pay. Topics discussed while waiting to be murdered by cyborgs include whether or not you could seal a hull breach with your ass, a particularly nasty math problem involving characters' relative ages, and whether or not Stephen Dorff is even in this movie (on account of having completely forgotten about him).

Next time: FABLES 3000!

Apr 28, 2017

After spending some time to brush up on etiquette and update their wardrobes, Rob & Jim are finally ready to make their debut into Society. First they dine, then they discuss proper filmic bookending techniques, when it's appropriate to send a telegram as a punchline to a joke about sending a telegram, and the true origin of the name 'Screaming Mad George.' Also, a bunch of other stuff that we can't make cutesy jokes about without spoiling the movie - if you haven't seen Society, you should totally do that before listening.

Next time: SPACE!

Apr 1, 2017

🎵 You can be better than you are... 🎵
🎵 You could be swingin' on a star! 🎵

This movie sucks on toast. Unless you're Patrice Désilets, apparently, in which case we've got our eye on you. Either way, go watch Quest of the Delta Knights instead.

Next time: Lifestyles of the rich & famous!

Mar 4, 2017

In a last-ditch effort to save their species from destruction, Rob & Jim use their heretofore unmentioned and thoroughly inexplicable shapeshifting powers to disguise themselves for a meeting with The Applegates.


The end, no moral. Topics discussed at length include digs at forgotten late 90s comedians, a deep dive into the filmography of New World Pictures, and pretty much any other excuse to not talk about Dabney Coleman. Also: we immediately jinx ourselves and pull the worst possible thing! Dark times ahead, folks.

Feb 8, 2017

After ten thousand years, we're free! Time to talk about Sinbad!

In this special episode, Rob & Jim conduct an experiment: if you originate from Universe A (BerenstAin), you'll hear an hour-long exploration and discussion of the Mandela Effect, and how it relates to Sinbad's possible appearance in Shazam. If you originate from Universe E (BerenstEin), you'll hear an extended critique of "90s poverty," a public service announcement about drunk pets, and a shocking discovery of the true identity of Ron Glass's character. Plus: You'll never work in this town again, Jeffrey Jones!